The Finalists

The Lincoln Motor Company would like to
congratulate the following winners of the Lincoln MBA Challenge



/ $10,000

University of Miami
School of Business Administration

UM MBA Marketing Club

The University of Miami is known for its diversity, and this team was no exception. They are seasoned corporate professionals and scrappy entrepreneurs. They have majored in Applied Economics and in Music. This team has strategic marketers with long-range brand vision, and tactical marketers with their finger on the public’s pulse. They believe in the the power of storytelling, the impact of individual customer experiences, and in the hybrid tangible/digital marketing strategies that activate them.

Their diverse, interdisciplinary backgrounds brought a unique perspective to the challenge. Their team members have run national mass-media campaigns and small business guerrilla strategies, with a proven record of creating memorable premium brand experiences. They love what they do, and the challenge to be creative and make a difference on a classic American brand was just the opportunity they were waiting for!



/ $4,000

Brigham-Young University
Marriott School of Business

BYU Marketing Association

This team combined diverse, professional backgrounds, including graphic design, product management, supply chain management, computer engineering, and strategy consulting. Each team member is focused on corporate marketing in the BYU MBA program and is committed to helping companies tell their brand story.

Alex is a business strategist who is creative and solution-oriented. He previously worked as a strategy consultant for a boutique firm called the Cicero Group. As a consultant, Alex dealt with creating strategies for corporate executives using data-driven methods. Alex started his career by starting and running a nonprofit in east Africa.

Woodrow is a transformative leader and data analytic. Prior to pursuing his MBA, he worked as a Global Commodity Manager at Rockwell Automation, where he was responsible for turning around one of the poorest performing commodities into one of the top three.

Born and raised in India, Kavya is imaginative, a people person and a problem solver. Working as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard R&D for the past five years, Kavya has gained extensive experience in solving complex analytical problems and analyzing data to gain consumer insights.

Dain is a dynamic leader and technology expert. He has extensive experience at the intersection of business and technology, having worked for four years as a product manager at SirsiDynix, an industry-leading software provider for libraries. Dain began his career by starting a creative agency providing graphic design, web development and hosting for small businesses in Utah.

Ford/Lincoln has a rich legacy, and the BYU team is proud to have had the opportunity to represent an American brand with beautiful and innovative products. They are incredibly excited about the strategy they created and hope it can help Lincoln drive sales for an evolving suite of products!



/ $2,000

University of Connecticut
School of Business

UCONN MBA Marketing Club

Diversity is the bedrock of the University of Connecticut. From undergraduate colleges welcoming people of all colors and creeds to a graduate business program made up of professionals from across the globe, diversity has united the university and enabled it to flourish into an institution over 30,000 strong. UConn’s team for the Lincoln Marketing Competition was no exception to this. With members from fields as varied as law and film production, this team blended years of practical industry experience with unique outlooks and backgrounds. Specifically, their distinct composition allowed them to organize a campaign around four key pillars: digital marketing, business strategy, media, and law.

Imtiaz hails from a core marketing background, with a focus on social media and organic SEO strategy.

Shlok provides years of experience in business development and strategy.

Peter leverages a background in media production to bring narrative structure to marketing efforts.

Kaitlyn draws from dual JD/MBA disciplines to give perspective and context.

*All monies go the university marketing clubs and not directly to the student teams