Q&A With Andrew Frick

Andrew Frick is a graduate of Villanova University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, where he was a student in the Executive MBA program.

Q: Name, Title, Position, Undergrad School, MBA School


Andrew Frick; Manager, Lincoln NA Sales and Service; Undergrad – Villanova; MBA School - University of Michigan, Executive MBA Program.

Q: Describe your role at Lincoln


My responsibilities include setting the strategy and managing the dealer network, sales, market share and client experiences for the Lincoln brand. I work closely with our general office team, as well as the field organization working with our dealer network on a daily basis.

Q: Why did you get your MBA?


Getting my MBA was always an ambition I had for personal growth. I am extremely happy with the company, and I didn’t get it to accelerate my career with a specific position in mind. Rather, I wanted to gain exposure to industries and perspectives outside of automotive. I also wanted to understand different strategic approaches to business, across multiple disciplines. The University of Michigan program was exactly what I was looking for in an MBA program.

Q: How did your MBA help you get the job you want?


My MBA didn’t necessarily help get me the job I wanted, but rather helped me prepare for several positions within the company I have held over the past couple of years.

Q: How does your MBA help you in your day-to-day role at Lincoln?


Lincoln is a challenger brand competing in a very competitive luxury industry. Several of the case studies we did in the MBA program were on growth organizations with larger companies, as well as challenger brands in emerging and mature industries. In addition, we spent a lot of time discussing organizational growth and the importance of proper structure within a team. At Lincoln, we are in a very similar position with our transformation, and I have been able to apply several of the approaches in the market and sales/service role. I also believe the amount of time we spent on personal managerial development has helped shape my leadership qualities.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?


I have two aspects of my job that I really value:

  • I love working with the team to develop sales and marketing strategies that end up resulting in incremental sales, share and favorable opinion of the Lincoln brand.
  • I also enjoy working with the team on new initiatives that will change the client experience and begin to differentiate Lincoln in the market.

Q: What insights would you share with other students trying to get their MBA?


  • Go get your MBA for the right reasons. It is a ton of work, and you should be doing it for the right motivational reasons.
  • Make sure you plan on how to balance your professional career responsibilities, MBA responsibilities and personal/home responsibilities. There is so much to do in balancing these three areas, that if you are not careful, it can overwhelm you and start to detract from one aspect. Often times, it is your personal/home life that suffers, and I would make sure you have a plan to put that as a priority, as opposed to other aspects.
  • Take in every class with a mindset of how it can be applied to your current and future responsibilities. The great thing about an MBA is that you have several years of real-world working experience, which only heightens the level of engagement.
  • Have a blast! You only go to school twice! ;)