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Brigham Young University
Marriott School of Management

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Brigham Young University — Marriott School of Management

This team combines diverse, professional backgrounds, including graphic design, product management, supply chain management, computer engineering, and strategy consulting. Each team member is focused on corporate marketing in the BYU MBA program and committed to helping companies tell their brand story.

Alex is a business strategist who is creative and solution-oriented. He previously worked as a strategy consultant for a boutique firm called the Cicero Group. As a consultant, Alex dealt with creating strategies for corporate executives using data-driven methods. Alex started his career by starting and running a nonprofit in east Africa.

Woodrow is a transformative leader and data analytic. Prior to pursuing his MBA, he worked as a Global Commodity Manager at Rockwell Automation, where he was responsible for turning around one of the poorest performing commodities into one of the top three.

Born and raised in India, Kavya is imaginative, a people person and a problem solver. Working as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard R&D for the past five years, Kavya has gained extensive experience in solving complex analytical problems and analyzing data to gain consumer insights.   

Dain is a dynamic leader and technology expert. He has extensive experience at the intersection of business and technology, having worked for four years as a product manager at SirsiDynix, an industry-leading software provider for libraries. Dain began his career by starting a creative agency providing graphic design, web development and hosting for small businesses in Utah.

Ford/Lincoln has a rich legacy, and the BYU team is proud to have the opportunity to represent an American brand with beautiful and innovative products. They are incredibly excited to create a strategy to help Lincoln tell their story through a targeted marketing effort and drive sales for an evolving suite of products!
Haas Marketing Club
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley Haas

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Haas Marketing Club
University of California, Berkeley — Berkeley Haas

The Berkeley-Haas team consists of four women with four professional backgrounds that, although very different, all focus heavily on understanding the consumer. The team is bonded by a shared embodiment of Haas’s four defining principles, particularly “question the status quo,” which in this competition will help drive them to uncover new insights and develop innovative strategies.

Helen worked in retail and e-commerce inventory and operations, and has a talent for cross-functional leadership and diving deep to generate insights.

Carina hails from strategy consulting, where she helped large FMCG clients refine their product-mix and pricing strategies, and has a particular aptitude for combining qualitative and quantitative data streams to create more comprehensive and actionable recommendations.

Joanna has a background in human capital consulting, and contributes a strong ability to segment audiences and identify needs.

Claire worked in advertising on a wide variety of clients, most recently a national franchise, and lends strong project management skills and an aptitude for developing creative and effective communications.
GW MBA Marketing Club
The George Washington University
George Washington University School of Business

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GW MBA Marketing Club
The George Washington University — George Washington University School of Business

So what do you get when you combine a brand entrepreneur, Army veteran, finance guru, and product developer? Innovation! The GW team utilizes their unique and diverse skill sets to kick projects into the next gear. Their drive, combined with their passion for innovation, enables them to deliver high-quality results, pushing past any potential headwinds. They are value creators, and love to solve complex problems in a more efficient way. One advantage of attending a global MBA program is that they enter the market with extremely varied and leverageable skill sets that can conquer not only national, but international markets. Through their collaborative level of engagement, this team transforms organizational issues into opportunities, inefficient processes into best practices and marginal outcomes into world-class results.
D'Amore McKim Marketing Club
Northeastern University
D'Amore-McKim School of Business

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D'Amore McKim Marketing Club
Northeastern University — D'Amore McKim Marketing Club

The D'Amore-McKim Marketing Club believes Lincoln has the potential to be the first brand that comes to mind when a lawyer thinks about a luxury automobile. Combining their diverse set of skills, they aim to bring Lincoln an innovative and actionable marketing strategy to realize that potential.

The Northeastern team includes a seven-year sales veteran in luxury consumer goods, a professional musician whose work has been featured on national TV, a former international banker who worked in sales and marketing, and a combined JD/MBA candidate with experience managing high-net-worth clients at BNY Mellon.

With six major law schools in the Boston metropolitan area, they look forward to connecting Lincoln to the lawyer demographic, and are excited to showcase their skills to the worldwide marketing community.
Marketing Association
University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Anderson School of Management

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Marketing Association
University of California, Los Angeles — UCLA Anderson School of Management

The UCLA team’s diverse capabilities and professional backgrounds provide a strong foundation and unique perspective to approach Lincoln’s challenge.

Jackie worked in the automotive industry for six years and has prior experience with other automotive luxury brands like Lexus. She’s worked directly with customers to better understand their motivation behind purchasing and being loyal to the Lexus brand.

Prior to Anderson, Nicole worked at Bloomberg as a senior consumer insights analyst and as an account manager. In her role,she focused on analyzing and synthesizing large amounts of customer data and advocating for her clients’ name.

Anita worked in management consulting, understanding client’s needs to develop training strategies and build business cases to ensure their success. She brings the ability to understand a large problem, target the essential issue, and build the strategy for the future. In addition, her many connections within the world of law in Los Angeles give her a unique perspective on how to target this particular market.

Katie worked in creative production for television shows and has developed unique and cohesive visual styles that provide a unified consumer experience. She has also worked with digital and new media in a variety of outlets, from content production to customer awareness.
Graduate Marketing Association
University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut School of Business

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Graduate Marketing Association
University of Connecticut — University of Connecticut School of Business

Diversity is the bedrock of the University of Connecticut. From undergraduate colleges welcoming people of all colors and creeds to a graduate business program made up of professionals from across the globe, diversity has united the university and enabled it to flourish into an institution over 30,000 strong. UConn’s team for the Lincoln Marketing Competition is no exception to this. With members from fields as varied as law and film production, this team blends years of practical industry experience with unique outlooks and backgrounds. Specifically, their distinct composition allows them to organize a campaign around four key pillars: digital marketing, business strategy, media, and law. Their differences are their strengths, and they will use these to find novel solutions to complex problems!

Imtiaz hails from a core marketing background, with a focus on social media and organic SEO strategy.

Shlok provides years of experience in business development and strategy.

Peter leverages a background in media production to bring narrative structure to marketing efforts.

Kaitlyn draws from dual JD/MBA disciplines to give perspective and context.
MBA Marketing Association
Pennsylvania State University
Smeal College of Business

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MBA Marketing Association
Pennsylvania State University — Smeal College of Business

The Penn State team is an international group of motivated individuals who returned to school to improve their capabilities and develop into future leaders. They make up a cross-functional representation of industry experience, coming from sales, marketing and operations. Their eagerness to participate in the Lincoln MBA Challenge stems from a desire to learn more about go-to-market strategies and how they can apply things they have learned thus far in their program to real-world experiences. They want to be part of contributing to their school and marketing club and are excited to see how this competition can serve as a catalyst for their education. They plan to provide a value-added strategy to Lincoln and help successfully market to the targeted segment!
Darden Marketing Club
University of Virginia
The Darden School of Business

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Darden Marketing Club
University of Virginia — The Darden School of Business

One of the things that drew all members of this team to the Darden School of Business was the close-knit community that the school fosters. The members of the team all have diverse backgrounds, but after just a week or two on campus, the four became fast friends.

Before starting business school, this team worked in a variety of fields.

Alex served as a police officer for the city of Charlottesville.

Scott worked in technology research.

Johnny taught 20th century history to eighth graders.

Alessandra worked on launching a sustainable wealth-management startup.

They hope to leverage their different areas of expertise, along with what they have already learned in their MBA curriculum, to provide a fresh take on how to solve some of the challenges confronting Lincoln. They were drawn to the Lincoln MBA Challenge because they are all car enthusiasts, and as future marketers, the opportunity was particularly appealing because it offered them a chance to apply their knowledge to help solve a real-world problem for Lincoln. Lincoln is a brand with incredible heritage, and they are all excited about where the company is going in the future!
Ross Marketing Club
University of Michigan
Ross School of Business

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Ross Marketing Club
University of Michigan — Ross School of Business

The University of Michigan team brings together four unique backgrounds along with a passion for marketing.

Rachel grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and studied Economics at Kenyon College in Ohio. She spent the last five years in private wealth management at Bessemer Trust.

Mayan grew up in Israel and graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For the past three years she worked in the mobile marketing industry in different marketing roles.

Sarah grew up in Southern California and got her B.S. in Textiles at UC Davis. Sarah worked for her family business, specializing in the import and distribution of textile products.

Nate grew up in the Seattle area and attended college at the United States Air Force Academy, where he earned a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he earned an M.S. in Astronautical Engineering. After graduate school, Nate spent four years at Los Angeles Air Force Base working as a project manager on a radar program.

They are all excited for this unique opportunity to shape the marketing strategy for Lincoln and to learn about this iconic brand!
Wharton Marketing Club
University of Pennsylvania

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Wharton Marketing Club
University of Pennsylvania — Wharton

The Lincoln Motor Company is a storied luxury brand that has always provided an exceptional experience to its customers. Rather than competing strictly on performance, quality or opulence, Lincoln is committed to making its customers’ lives better. By focusing on user experience and lifestyle, Lincoln can occupy a unique space in the luxury market.

This differentiation is more important than ever, given how rapidly the industry is changing as a result of government regulation, shifting consumer behavior, powerful new entrants, new sales/distribution models, the proliferation of digital technology/the importance of connectivity, and the changing concept of transportation in general. The opportunity to think through these issues and help Lincoln navigate the way forward drove this team to participate in the Lincoln MBA Challenge.

As a team, they bring a diverse set of skills and experiences. Prior to Wharton, Jake was a management consultant focused on social impact; Jess worked in investment banking and consumer goods; Alex worked as a Senior Account Executive at a global public relations firm (including work with McKinsey’s automotive practice); and Satoshi helped expand Mitsubishi’s motor vehicle business into Russia and Kazakhstan.
Yale SOM Marketing Club
Yale University
Yale School of Management

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Yale SOM Marketing Club
Yale University — Yale School of Management

The Yale School of Management team has diverse international experience in solving marketing and strategy challenges and is brought together by passion for creative, data-driven marketing solutions. As first-year students at Yale SOM, they have all been immersed in the school’s integrated curriculum, which allows them to approach the Lincoln challenge through multiple business perspectives, and they are led by SOM’s guiding principle “to educate leaders for business and society,” an emphasis that is more important than ever in the automotive industry today. The Lincoln MBA challenge provides a unique opportunity for this team to work on a real business challenge and to apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom to an established luxury automotive brand. They are looking forward to developing a strategy to reach their colleagues at Yale Law School and increase their awareness and appreciation of the Lincoln brand.

Krishan brings experience developing and redesigning growth strategies for product, business unit, and corporate-level clients at Fortune 500 companies.

Tejaswi has an engineering background and experience in data analytics. He plans to combine his expertise with the broader business context to help generate key customer insights.

Shiwen provides social media expertise, with experience in brand partnership development and content planning.

Caroline is an international marketer who will contribute her experience creating and nurturing brands in the tourism and freight-forwarding sectors.

They are excited to bring their team’s experience and passion to the Lincoln MBA challenge.
UM MBA Marketing Club
University of Miami
University of Miami School of Business

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UM MBA Marketing Club
University of Miami — University of Miami School of Business

The University of Miami is known for its diversity, and this team is no exception. They are seasoned corporate professionals and scrappy entrepreneurs. They have majored in Applied Economics and in Music. This team has strategic marketers with long-range brand vision, and tactical marketers with their finger on the public’s pulse. They believe in the the power of storytelling, the impact of individual customer experiences, and in the hybrid tangible/digital marketing strategies that activate them.

Their diverse, interdisciplinary backgrounds bring a unique perspective to the challenge. Their team members have run national mass-media campaigns and small-business guerrilla strategies, with a proven record of creating memorable premium brand experiences. They love what they do, and the challenge to be creative and make a difference on a classic American brand is just the opportunity they’ve been waiting for!
Association of Marketing Professionals
The Ohio State University
Fisher College of Business

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Association of Marketing Professionals
The Ohio State University — Fisher College of Business

The Ohio State team is so excited to participate in the Lincoln MBA challenge! They can’t wait to showcase the skills they have developed during their time at Fisher, and to further develop their ability to solve a complex marketing problem.

As a group of four people with very different backgrounds, they hope their diversity of thought will serve them well. Their team is composed of a digital marketer in the food industry, a Nielsen analyst, a wine salesman and a freelance graphic designer. They hope that their unique experiences will help them share a fresh perspective with the Lincoln Company.

This team is excited to have fun, compete (watch out, University of Michigan team!), and to represent Fisher throughout the challenge.